Paw Petra Paw

Petra, Elektra and Zeus

I decided to do a website devoted to my beautiful cat Petra. She is a Snow Spotted Leopard Bengal. Petra came into my life 16th August 2007 and has changed my life completely, I have become completely enchanted with her.

I used to have cats when I was a young girl, but I never knew cats could be so intelligent, beautiful and playful. She plays fetch like a dog, loves to play with water, as can be seen from her pictures. I will leave you to judge her beauty.

Since Petra came to live with us, two other Bengals have also come to live with us. Elektra, who is a Silver Spotted Bengal and Zeus, who is a Brown Spotted Bengal. Each has their own personality. Petra is more like I would imagine the Asian Leopard cat to be like timid yet not timid, Elektra is placid, and well what can I say about Zeus, Zeus is Zeus he is as soft as they come and a bit loopy.

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